John Galt and the Colonization of Upper Canada

GaltOn this day in 1839 Scotsman John Galt died in Greenock. Best known as the writer of  Annals of the Parish published in 1821, Galt’s name was and remains familiar to many Scots around the world. A less widely-known fact, however, is that Galt was also a colonizer, being appointed Secretary to the Canada Company in 1824. The Company was founded promote and facilitate the colonization of the Huron Tract in what was then Upper Canada. It was during his time there that Galt founded … Read more

Tartan Day Parade in New York

IMG_5308It was my privilege to walk with the American-Scottish Foundation on this year’s Tartan Day parade – the 16th annual parade in New York. It was a truly brilliant experience and I met many interesting people. Being able to walk down 6th Avenue, with spectators waving the Saltire all round was simply brilliant. A big thank you to the Foundation and the people I met during the day!

Public displays of Scottishness in New York, featuring kilted pipers, tartan trews and the Saltire waving in … Read more

The Scots Guards

ScotsGuards28 March 1642 saw the formation of the Scots Guards regiment, when King Charles I commissioned the Marquess of Argyll, Chief of Clan Campbell, to raise a regiment of 1,500 men in Scotland for service in Ireland. The regiment was to become the King’s so-called ‘Lyfe Guard of Foot’, which  eventually became the Scots Guards in 1877 under Queen Victoria. Initially the regiment was involved in a number of internal disputes in the British Isles, and then also in Europe.

When the American Revolutionary War … Read more

A Pioneer for Women’s Rights

SheppardNew Zealand became the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote in 1893. This was thanks in no small way to Kate Sheppard, the leading figure in the New Zealand suffrage movement. Born in Liverpool in early March 1847 to Scottish parents, Kate made her way to New Zealand together with her mother and several of her siblings, arriving at Lyttelton in February 1869. The family remained close by, settling in Christchurch, where Kate also got married in 1871.

Kate … Read more

A Piper and Soldier

RichardsonCommemorations of the Centenary of the First World War will accompany us over the next few years, and there will be many events to remember the millions of people who died during the War, as well as the many soldiers who served. The commemorations will also give us an opportunity, however, to learn about some of the ordinary people – soldiers and civilians – who were affected by the War or, in their own small or more profound way, shaped what was happening. The story … Read more


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